Let’s take a glance at the meaning of telecommunication  again which is known to all of us.


Tele + Communication= Telecommunication

1)Tele= from a distance-afar eg. (tele) vision, (tele) phone, (tele) scope

2)Communication=  Exchanging information mutually

3)Telecommunication= Exchanging information mutually from a distance and gathering different technologies under its name and To provide exchanging and sharing information.

Evolution of Telecommunication

 Classic definition.

        Communication by smoke

  • Past= eg. Communication by smoke and mail birds
  • Present= eg. Telegraph, Telephones, internet, mailing systems, chatting and so on.
  • Future = technologies that based on new internet and

Electronic Telekinesis and Digital Telepathy methods ( it is foreseen) and chatting.

Note: Exchanging information (50%) , sharing information (15%)

Note: Tv Broadcasting  is increasing , Radio broadcasting is Decreasing

Modern Definition (our vision).

       Evolution  of  Telephone

  • Near past= Telephones (70%), mobile phones (10%), internet (30%), classic chatting (40%), social networks (20%), and mailing systems .
  • Present = telephones (20%), mobile phone (60%), internet (60%), classic chatting (5%), social network (70%) and mailing systems.
  • Near Future= telephones (???), mobile phone (90%), internet (90%), classic chatting (1%), social networks (90%) and mailing systems.


Note: Unlike decreasing of classic chatting rating , new chatting is increasing as a trend because of  blogs and platforms.

Note: Exchanging information (80%), sharing information (70%)

According to our global survey, Statistics are like these.

Comments that here belong to us. (It can be changeful according to people or  statistics).

As we mentioned above,  The Telecommunication based on 2 main facts.

  1. Exchanging information
  2. Sharing information

This is the second important statistical issue.

Classic definition. Statistical values.

  1. Exchanging information(50%)
  2. Sharing information(15%)

Modern Definition (our vision).  Statistical values.

           Increasing   Trends

  1. Near past
  • Exchanging information(60%)
  • Sharing information(30%)
  1. Present
  • Exchanging information(70%)
  • Sharing information(50%)
  1. Near future
  • Exchanging information(80%)
  • Sharing information(70%)

Statistical result of Telecommunication.

  1. Increasing Trends  
  • Mobile phones
  • Using internet
  • Social networks
  • New chatting ( blogs and platforms)
  • Mailing systems are increasing with their new methods


          Cloud technologies will shape the future withe-trade and mobile-trade.

  • Exchanging information ( from 50% to 70%)
  • Sharing information ( from 15%  to 50%)

Innovation and social trend.

         Increasing Trends

Innovation and social trend.

            Increasing Trends

As an Example: Sharing of Live stream and Live stream video is among the increasing trends.

            Increasing Trends


  1. Decreasing Trend
  • Telegraph is vanished
  • Fax
  • Telephone
  • Classic Chatting
  • Classic mailing systems are at their minimum level.

In today’s article we shared some statistics and information about evolution of telecommunication with you

The world is having a transfer period (age) about evolution of telecommunication. What will those increasing trends will bring with them ? What kind of transformation will be having with these technologies? How will our way of life and habits change ? How will adaptation period of these technologies to society be and integrate ? How much effect will it have to our daily life ?  It will may be revolution of telecommunication and the beginning of the new world order and new age.

For example: Revolution of Chatbots in evolution of Telecommunication.

Chatbots– communication and service bots will have important part in our daily life and they will make our life so much easier.

          Chatbots – an internal game changer

In next Articles we will examine increasing trends of evolution of telecommunication specifically in content and we will share information with you.

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