With cloud computing becoming mainstream, enterprise digital transformation is now no more a buzzword but a practically achievable reality. Companies are now able to focus on their goals at a business level and leave all the IT-related details to specialist vendors. Digital means that a company for whom IT is only an enabler need not bother about details of servers, technologies, test beds, server environments, and the like. It can simply engage with a cloud vendor and discuss its complete requirements and specifications with the vendor. The vendor in turn will set up the company’s IT systems on a public, private, or hybrid cloud as the case may be.

Interplay between AI and cloud computing

With the arrival of the Internet of Things and AI in a big way, there is now an interesting interplay happening between AI and cloud computing. AI-based systems are by nature big consumers of data, not generally producers of them. Given this scenario, AI systems are well suited to feeding off cloud-based systems that in turn accumulate large amounts of system data. What this means is that there is now enormous potential for AI systems to be brought into the picture in enterprises where they work with existing cloud-based systems to deliver specific needed goals. AI meets the cloud – what does it mean for enterprise digital transformation? Let us take a look.

What is enterprise digital transformation?

 AI meets cloud

Digital transformation is the process by which an entire reinvention of an organization is accomplished by the use of digital technology geared to completely change the way it operates and serves its clients, employees, and senior management.

These are the nine elements of digital transformation:

Transforming customer experience:

  • Top-line growth
  • Customer understanding
  • Customer touch points

Transforming operational processes:

  • Worker enablement
  • Process digitization
  • Performance management

Transforming business models:

  • Creation of new digital businesses
  • Digital modifications to the business
  • Digital globalization

Let us now look at the impact of AI meeting the cloud for all these nine elements of digital transformation.

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