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Digital transformation is a broad concept for the fundamental transformation of companies to a more technology-reliant approach for operating business processes, activities, models and competencies. The digital transformation process include the use of analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices for improving on traditional techniques and technologies to change customer relations and internal processes.

According to I-Scoop, areas of a business that digital transformation impacts include business activities such as marketing, operations, human resources, administration and customer service; business processes, which includes one or more connected operations, activities and sets designed to achieve a specific business goal, whereby business process management, business process optimization and business process automation come into the picture; business models, from the go-to-market approach and value proposition to the ways it seeks to make money; business ecosystems, including the networks of partners and stakeholders, as well as contextual factors affecting the business such as regulatory or economic priorities and evolutions; and business assets whereby the focus lies on traditional assets but, increasingly, on less “tangible” assets such as information and customers.

The “internet of things” is at the heart of digital transformation with connected devices providing data companies and consumers couldn’t easily access in the past.

GE Digital is one of the many companies which is helping enterprises in its digital transformation journey through platforms and software tools. The company’s main offering for the Industrial Internet is Predix, which helps companies willing to develop a digital strategy by connecting industrial equipment, analyzing data, and delivering real-time insights.

During the Enterprise IoT Summit, which took place in Austin, Texas, earlier this year, Paul Boris, Vice President Manufacturing Industries, GE Digital, highlighted that the firm’s Brilliant Manufacturing offering allows companies to link design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and services into one globally scalable intelligent system.

The executive said that this software provides decision makers with real-time visibility and deep operational intelligence.

“GE’s Brilliant Factory connects resources including people, machine and materials. The software creates a detailed, real-time, historical record to analyze variability,” the executive said.


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