‘helmfon’ is a tool created to help have full concentration at work. the helmet device gives users privacy and doesn’t allow background noise kill the productiveness.

first example of ‘helmfon’ usage, demonstrating the backside of the device



the innovative product is designed and developed by ukrainian design company hochu rayu. its bold colors allow the office to stand out and look fun. ‘helmfon’ is specially designed according to the client’s wishes, making the person look and feel like his or her favorite superhero in real life.

second example of ‘helmfon’ usage, illustrating the economy of space by using device



the helmet device is made up of noise reduction materials including: glass fiber for the outside case covered in nitro paint and a membrane cloth with foamed polyethylene for the inside. ‘helmfon’ is equipped with a system board, microphone, speakers, accumulator, magnifier and special inside place for the smartphone. it is fully prepared to increase one’s concentration and productivity during working hours.

third example of ‘helmfon’ usage, demonstrating the frontside of device



‘helmfon’ is perfectly fit to work in every open space and for every situation. it can play movies and videos, organize skype conferences, answer or make calls, watch or edit photos, or add personal functions. furthermore, the helmet device can be used in different positions – as a helmet on shoulders, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted helmet.

‘helmfon’ is an ideal tool for working in spaces where background noise may be a burden



‘helmfon’ is also a perfect way to economize the working space. instead of organizing the meeting room, where only one person can communicate by skype calls, cell calls, or VR sessions, ‘helmfon’ gives an opportunity to save office space. thanks to the helmet’s special sound absorption functions there is no need in organizing meeting rooms for online communication anymore. everyone can do his or her communication work by just wearing their ‘helmfon’. 

sketches for the first prototype

the ‘helmfon’ device including its main features

‘helmfon’ product line and the different ways of device customization




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