How ‘smart’ is your home?

This week is Smart Home Week, when the very best of smart, connected and integrated home technology is showcased.

The latest research shows that 85% of people have heard of a smart home (compared to 57% in 2015) and almost one in four already have some smart capabilities in their home, do you?

Having a smart home can make things much more convenient, for example using your phone to check your heating settings or windows that tint automatically in the sun.

To coincide with Smart Home Week, the Top 30 things to make your home ‘smart’ have been revealed, and while they don’t all exist at the moment we hope to see them in the home of the future.

How good would it be if your wardrobe ironed your clothes or your cupboards and fridge were automatically restocked?

1) Self-cleaning toilets

Man cleaning toilet© ISTOCK

© iStock

2) A system that cleans the house for you

3) Windows that tint automatically in the sunshine

4) Fingerprint scanning door locks

5) A wardrobe that irons clothes while they are hanging up

6) Bathroom scales which test your BMI

7) Garages that charge your electric car just by parking on a giant pad

8) A fridge that tells you which foods are reaching their use-by date

9) ‘Fitbit’ style beds which record how good your night’s sleep is

10) Teleportation device

11) A bath that fills up in a split second

12) A self-loading washing machine

13) A detector that knows if someone has been in your room

14) Self-locking doors that lock at the same time each night

15) A bed that gradually wakes you up in the morning

16) A robot which delivers breakfast in bed

17) Carpet that retracts so you can have hardwood floors if you fancy a change

18) A self-sorting laundry basket

19) A counter which calculates how much exercise you need to do depending on what you eat

20) Some mechanical arms that come out the wall and change your bedding

21) Your fridge / store cupboards automatically re-order your regular shopping items for you.

Full fridge© ISTOCK

© iStock

22) A device which lets you know when you are running out of essentials such as bread or milk

23) A coffee ready as soon as the alarm goes off

24) A toilet that analyses your diet

25) Big Brother style security cameras

26) A TV which chooses the programmes for you

27) A fridge which knows when the shelves are full of meat

28) Shower heads with in-built Bluetooth to allow phone calls while washing

29) TVs that recognise who is watching and shows the right programmes

30) Something that brings you any food you want just by thinking about it

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