“Welcome to our Blog page”

Adobechat (adobechat.com) field name has been maintaining its existence  and life on the internet world for 14 years.

It started its life with finance and insurance.

But now it stepped into kind of telecommunication, news and chatting blog life with completely new identity.

Generally, it has structure which cares about posts, human, information and opinions which are appealing to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Making articles about technology-science-finance  and sharing them with you are its the main principles.

It will exchange and share information about NEW AGE AND THE WORLD WHICH IS ESTABLISIHING.

It is interested in some issues which are listed below.

Cripto money,blockchain,data,database,quantum,iot,( internet of things), digital and figital marketing.

Articles by Naci Ozarar.

Naci Ozarar is a freelance author.

( Soul starts where mind stops…)